Kei's Mission

As a new brand coming into a highly-saturated field of etsablished cosmetic lines. We knew we had to provide our customers with more than just another beauty product. After, during exhausted research within this market. We recognized that consumers were straying away from brands that no longer valued their concerns. Well we are here to say that we hear you!

Kei's Beauty was recently launched back in Feburary 2021. Our goal is to not only build trust and credibility. Also, provide you with affordable products which are cruelty-free, vegan formulated, and ethically responsible. It's our mission to make sure all of our products are manufactured to a highly-socially standardKei's Beauty is a unique brand believing in producing clean and environmental friendly beauty.  


 Kei Factors that set us apart from other beauty brands:

  • Innovative - we don't follow trends we make them
  • Affordable- we provide you with high quality products at a reasonable price
  • Animal loved not animal tested- we believe all living creatures should be given love not torture
  • Multifunctional- we know that beauty comes in many forms and our products are suited to meet more than just the basics
  • Vegan Formulated- meaning our products don't contain any animal-derived ingredients